Quality Management
Sustainable Initiatives
  • 60% of our energy requirement is through renewable energy – Wind Mill.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge-100 % of water recycled in Dyeing Plant.
  • Garment Dyeing at 400 C at low MLR resulting in energy and water saving.
  • Extraction of dyes from Cutting Waste.
  • Natural Dyes for Garment Dyeing.
  • 80% of salt is recovered & re-used in dyeing.
  • Sludge is recycled & used as a fuel in the Cement industry.
  • Fabric produced using GOTS approved Dyes and Chemicals.
  • Promote fabrics with sustainable fibers like Organic Cotton, blends of Recycled Polyester, Bamboo, Linen, Hemp, Tencel among others.
  • Use of sustainable material for Trims and Bio-degradeable polybag.
  • Higg Index 2019 self assessment and third party verification done for the Dye & Process Factory and Garment Factory.
  • Tree plantation on a continuous basis and creating a green belt around our Factories.