Social Committment

Child labour

White House is strictly against engaging child labor out of not fear for the legal consequences, but out of a moral commitment to the society and to itself.

From the day of its foundation, White House had framed a strict and transparent hiring policy and we are proud to follow it till date to protect the rights and interest of both our employees and the children.

Wind Energy

The initiative of generating wind energy is what we call as giving back to the society. White House has Modern Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines spread across several acres of land that produces 4 MW(MegaWatt) power for our internal useage and also for societal purpose.

Employee Welfare

White House has self committed to social responsibility and in achieving a greater employees' satisfaction, we have made sure they live a healthy and a happy life. White House has set up an Employees' Health Forum represented by employees and the management to discuss and recommend any policies and suggestions to improve our employees' working condition and environment. And thus, all the employees' get to have medical check up every month to check their general well being.

Also, enough care and facilities have been implemented in our manufacturing units for children accompanying their working moms.